We’ve followed the BC:AC calendar for more than 2000 years. Within that calendar there have been significant landmarks like the world pre & post-industrial revolution, the world pre and post-World War 2 and the world pre and post-Internet revolution. Now we have yet another world, BEFORE COVID19 : AFTER COVID19 (BC:AC). This evolution is witnessed and experienced by most of us. The high speed communications age has been stagnated for the moment and most of the world is physically confined within their small or large premises. The creative minds’ freedom to express is forced to rediscover its mode and medium of pronouncement.

Times are indeed uncertain and IsoFest is our effort to join cause with various other initiatives happening across the world to resurrect the tempo of the industry we’ve been fondly part of for most of our lives. I have come across some exceptional work done by newcomers and amateurs in the past 90 days. As the matter of fact, the celebrities and driving forces of our industry from world over are experimenting with new methods of reaching out to their fans and audiences. ‘No one definitively knows what’s next, but everyone knows that status quo is lifted’.

I believe it is a great time to welcome aspiring film makers of the community by providing structured space for the content created in isolation. I am confident that solitude and restrictions would bring out something from deep within the creative minds, and added with the intrinsic paranoia of the unknown, may also bring out unshackled produce.

I warmly welcome everyone who participates in our initiative and gives us strength to build this self-sustaining ecosystem. Year after year, we will continue to reach out to more and more new comers to visit us with their inventions and motivate more artistes to become part of our little world.

My Best Wishes.
Atul Pandey