Basic & Advanced Training for Media Practitioners and Social Communicators.

“Media literacy is a constellation of life skills that are necessary for full participation in our media-saturated, information-rich society”.

Media Literacy Workshops

Connecting Media Literacy to your Curriculum.

Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create and act using all forms of communication. In its simplest terms, media literacy builds upon the foundation of traditional literacy and offers new forms of reading and writing. Media literacy empowers people to be critical thinkers and makers, effective communicators and active citizens.

In order to equip media practitioners and social communicators with the means to carry out their work, WorkShops2 Initiative addresses through the lens of physical awareness, digital identity, and psychosocial care by providing training’s through digital classrooms as well as face to face interactions.

This curriculum provides media practitioners and social communicators with the basic skills and knowledge needed to continue operating in closing spaces around the world and should be used as a resource to build solidarity among journalists and civil society leaders.

To become a successful student, responsible citizen, productive worker, or competent and conscientious consumer, individuals need to develop expertise with the increasingly sophisticated information and entertainment media that address us on a multi-sensory level, affecting the way we think, feel, and behave.

By the end of each workshop, participants will be able to define Media Literacy and understand the Key Components of “Media Literacy”.

1. News Journalism
2. Entertainment Journalism
3. Screen Writing for Film, Television & Web Platforms
4. Still and Video Camera Courses
5. Direction
6. Acting
7. Production Designing
8. Video Editing and Post Production
9. Sound Engineering
10. Digital Marketing
11. International & Domestic Distribution